06 February 2012

Today's Lunch: Starry Salad

It's been a long while since I've posted Spud's lunches. The light is showing up earlier every day making it way more likely his lunches will be considered photo-worthy. Although I've gotten in a bit of a lunch rut lately. Maybe the promise of more sunlight as spring approaches will be just what I need to have some fun with them again. Here is Spud's Goodbyn, known as "Fluffy" to all his friends, filled with today's fare.

· Apple wedges
· Ooops, empty compartment! Could have put a strawberry in there. Or a little lunch note! Monday mornings ... too sleepy to think
· Starry Salad (cuke stars, peppers strips, feta cubes)
· Mini bagel with salami and cheddar, cut in half
· Fork (cheater!)
· Cookie the size of spud's face. I've been told that ALL the kids have these. Everyday. Ha. Somehow we got talked into a pack of these that we keep in the freezer.