30 April 2014

Cherry Blossoms: Nitobe Gardens

Nitobe Memorial Gardens, UBC   |   Vancouver, BC

Every year is different, it's near impossible to predict exactly the best time and place for viewing the spring spectacular of cherry blossoms in full bloom. This year we thought we'd check them out at the Nitobe Gardens, a place we've been meaning to visit for some time anyway. While we may have been a smidge early for the full blooming glory, we were nonetheless treated with a gorgeous, peaceful place to stroll and appreciate a myriad of vistas.

29 April 2014

Our Summer Day Camp Shortlist 2014


Others we've participated in the past with a thumbs up:
Arts Umbrella  —  Fine, Performing, and Media Arts
Christianne's Lyceum — Book Clubs, Writing Clubs, Creativity and Imagination
Dizzy Whisk  —  Cooking
Eliot Creative Arts Camp — Multi-generational Overnight Camp
MacSailing — Sailing, Kayaking and Stand-up Paddleboarding
Seymour Eco-Adventure Camp  — Hiking, Survival Skills, Wilderness Appreciation
Science World  —  Science
YMCA  —  Swimming, Group Games and Activities, Field Trips, Themes

Others that we want to check out next year:
Mozart School of Music
Archery! If we can find something close by ...

28 April 2014

Today's Lunch: Gluten-Free Pancake Sandwich is the Star

I'm always on  the hunt for grain-free or at least gluten-free ideas for lunches that are still satisfying for our gluten-worshipping boy (he really LOVES his bread ... and pasta ... and all things wheat-y). I was happy that Hubs made extra gluten-free pancakes on the weekend; for lunch I made a jam sandwich from a couple of them. My preference would be to add some almond butter to the mix but that has to be reserved for after school snacks since our school is religiously nut-free.

23 April 2014

Makes Me Happy: Tree Hugger

>>Welcome to Makes Me Happy Wednesdays. Just a little photo of something for which I am grateful.

22 April 2014

Today's Lunch: Greek Pasta Salad

Greek Pasta Salad: Gluten-free rotini, Chicken, Feta, Olives, Green Pepper, Strawberry Tomato, Grapeseed oil, S + P, and Oregano.

19 April 2014

Easter Eggs: Food Colouring, Rubber Bands and Sharpies

I had a lot of fun with the white and especially the silver metallic Sharpie.

Here are Spud's creations, including a football!

You can always expect Hubs' creations to go in an unexpected direction ... national eggs!

18 April 2014

Easter Peeps Fruit Skewers

Apple pear, pineapple, grapes, watermelon and Peeps skewers to share with friends on Easter Friday!

16 April 2014

Makes Me Happy: Spring Surprises

Our first spring in our new house has been full of surprises, including glorious tulips and bunches and bunches of grape hyacinth popping up everywhere! We happily added those daisy-like flowers into the mix ... the colour combination is making me very happy.

>>Welcome to Makes Me Happy Wednesdays. A photo. A caption. Just a little something for which I am grateful.

15 April 2014

Today's Lunch: Teddy Bear Sanny

Celebrating our new acquisition of these long-coveted lunch containers by Easy Lunch Boxes with a  little Teddy Bear's Picnic today. Love the separate compartments!

10 April 2014

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada and Sawfish Love

A recent trip to Toronto was mainly about being with family but we did manage to squeeze in some touristing too. The largest aquarium in Canada had opened since we last visited there and it was getting some good reviews. So Spud and I checked it out.

There are no whales or dolphins or seals; that didn't bother Spud one bit; he's more of a non-mammal guy anyway. But there was an amazingly long underwater tunnel through a 2.5 million litre tank! If you can believe it. It includes a ride on a slow moving sidewalk which is a genius method for dealing with crowds — every spot is a front row seat to beautiful vistas including colourful fish, rays, sharks, turtles and sawfish.

Spud was really excited to see the endangered green sawfish up close, in person. He's had a fascination with sawfish since his grade 2 project on endangered animals. This was his rendition of the sawfish reproductive cycle. The two in love kill me every time.

09 April 2014

Makes Me Happy: The Long Awaited Sun

A recent trip to Toronto meant a couple of days of harrowing walks in -12 °C including the kind of forceful wind that takes your breath away, literally. Made us love the sun that much more when it finally made an appearance.

>>Welcome to Makes Me Happy Wednesdays. A photo. A caption. Just a little something for which I am grateful.