13 January 2008

Bentolicious I


Yam hearts
Flower eggs
Edamame skewers
Brown rice balls [from the freezer]
Soy sauce fish
Cuke hearts
Orange jello

Tuna patties [from the freezer]
Ketchup Monkey
Cheese cars
Cashews + white chocolate chips
Squash cubes

Apple sauce container [grandma's, from the freezer]
Flower cheese
Kiwi balls
Heart egg
Cherry tomato
Brown rice ball [from the freezer]
Orange slice

Apple sauce
Flower egg
Cheese diamonds [upon request]
Mini M&Ms + cashews + craisins
Ritz crackers and cheese
Salad Pocky
Tortilla chips

Green beans
Strawberry yogurt
Apple Cheese
Kiwi + Banana slice
Flower / Star toast
Chicken sausage
Mini M&Ms
Nut Butter Balls

Strawberry tomatoes
Yam cars
Brown rice ball [from the freezer]
Banana yogurt
Peanut Butter Balls

New Skewers
Anything on a Skewer
Bentolicious II
Bentolicious III


Old Boosh said...

Wow I want to be adopted or at least come to lunch

Jackie said...

Yes, come for lunch. When are you coming anyway? I can pack you little bentos for your day trips.
: )

In Search of Breakfast said...

These are spectacular!! You are amazing.

Jackie said...

Thanks. But really, it looks more complicated than it is. A little cookie cutter and a slice of cuke ... et voilĂ ! I admit that the rice balls and molded eggs seem a little over the top but they are easy as pie. I've gotten loads of tips from Biggie at "lunch in box" in my blog roll. She's a master at the speedy bento. With a little bit of planning [around leftovers and preparing the freezer] these bentos only take me 10 minutes. OK, maybe 12.

Happy Bento-ing!

Scurvyann (Linda) said...

WOW! These are so great! I luv yer blog!

Now I am very, very hungry!!!

Jackie said...

Thanks for the nice words. I can see from your blog that you are a fellow bento-er. Can't wait to spend more time perusing your gem of a site.

Bento on!

Christie said...

awesome!! This is the first I've heard of bento

Off to google.....

Jackie said...

Google ... yes! And definitely check out flickr.com too. They have 55,000 images of people's bento creations for endless inspiration.


Watch out ... it's addictive. Also check out biggie at http://lunchinabox.net/

She has endless tips and tricks for making yummy bentos quickly!

Asianmommy said...

I love your bento boxes. Who knew that they could look so fabulous! & healthy, too!

TexasMomof3 said...

Those are awesome! I'm definitely gonna give it a whirl this summer. My girls would absolutely look forward to eating lunch!

AJs Mom said...

What I want to know is, what do you do with all the leftovers?

For instance, when you make yam cars, what did you do with the rest of the yam?
(on a side note, is the yam cooked?)

These are just beautiful! I can't wait to try my hand at this.

sonja c

Jackie said...

I love your questions, Sonya. Yes, the yam is cooked before I cut them. I slice the yam and toss it in the microwave until tender. After cutting the shapes I either mash the leftovers for dins or i throw the bits in a salad for me to take to work the next day.

I like to find ways to use leftovers. In general, I prepare these little shapes the same time I'm making dinner so I can use leftovers for one of my kitchen-sink salads or incorporate them into what I'm making. For exmaple, leftover cheese bits could go onto a tuna melt bagel.

I can also just keep any bits for the next day's snack time. The leftovers can be quite cute too. For example, the leftovers of a star-shaped cucumber is a circle with a star cut out of the middle. Also fun!

Charisse said...

Just been checking out all your bento posts. Love 'em! My DS is a little too young for some of these foods, but it definitely gives me some ideas... I will have to look into making one of DH. So he will stop eating out all the time.

allthingspurple said...

thanks for sharing your ideas. I am a newbie. By the way, the cute little box which you use to store tiny pieces of food, where did you get that from? I thought its useful to keep biscuits from getting soft.

Jackie said...

Hello, I got all my bento supplies including all the wee boxes at Daiso [Japanese dollar store extraordinaire] ... I post about it here http://living.weelife.com/2008/01/bento-crazy.html

The little orange and blue boxes with lids came as an option with my blue and orange bento boxes. The others I found here and there in the store.

I have yet to find a better place for this stuff in my town. Maybe you have something like it in yours?

: )

allthingspurple said...

sadly, no, we need to get them from ebay, but recently though, i managed to convince an e-store owner who sells only kitchen gadgets like cookie cutter and sushi moulds to get in more bento accessories, but we have to wait like a month, though, for each pre-order. Better than nothing anyhow, right? ha ha.

you have a good weekend, then!

Anonymous said...

Jackie - A and I were just chatting about healthy lunches for kids, and he mentioned your blog and showed me these pics of your creations. I am so inspired (and impressed) by your work, I just went and bought some bentos. I just wanted to post and let you know that I am going to shamelessly copy you and try some of your ideas for my girls' lunches.

Tres tres cool ideas, missy. You are so creative!


Jackie said...

Barb, that's so exciting. I love seeing the bento-love get spread around. Thanks for the nice words. I hope you have loads of fun making them too. Spud appreciates every little skewer and and every little funny shaped food I include.

I've discovered http://justbento.com/ recently. It's fun to see what artful lunches she puts together ... although that will never be doing that! I like to look. She also has good tips for quick and easy bento fillers.

Let us know how it goes! Happy Bento-ing!
: )

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