30 January 2008

Wee Travel Journal


I prepared Spud's travel journal before we left. It's a little bit educational. A little bit entertaining. And in the end it is a souvenir of the trip.

1. I pasted in destination-specific found images and graphics from magazines, postcards, photos, stickers, flickr.com. I included images of palm trees, old cars, musical instruments, beaches, Che Guevera, pineapples, flags etc. It was fun getting him involved at this stage. When he saw the printouts of the old cars though, he didn't want me to paste them in. He carried them around the house for a couple of days first.

2. I included a few travel-themed printouts of mazes, spot-the-differences, and dot-to-dots that I found on Trunki's site.

3. Next I devoted pages to the following topics:
"The toys I packed for my holiday ..."
"Today made me feel ..."
"Today I ate ... "
"Today I saw ..."
"The weather today was ..."
"The friends I made..."
"The words I learned..."
"The things I miss about home ..."
Together we took turns drawing and scribbling the answers and I wrote down in quotes the things he said on each topic. I also gave it to his nana to record her stories of what he said and did on our outings.

4. Finally, I brought double-sided tape in our little craft kit so we could easily add any paper souvenirs we acquired, such as the wrapper of the Cuban chocolate bar Spud enjoyed very much or one of the sweet notes from our maid.