28 January 2008

Fun Packing Trunki

The day before our departure was dedicated to packing ... some last minute shopping ... tidying the apartment ... and keeping the stress levels as low as possible. We left ourselves plenty of time and even had some fun.

The funnest part was packing Trunki, Spud's crazy-cool ride 'em, carry on luggage. I wanted to include Spud in the packing process as much as possible. But I also didn't trust that he would make all the best choices, as you would expect from someone with only 3 years of life experience. And so we encouraged him to put in Trunki whatever toys or things he wanted with the knowledge that we would have to edit it down at the end of the day if it didn't all fit. He was fine with that as long as we promised to include as many cars as possible. He would've even forfeited the pale and shovel for more cars if we let him but I knew that would be a bad idea. So this is what it started like ...

Spud's Contributions:
· cars, cars and more cars
· a yellow plastic bracelet
· a treasure chest with a couple of metallic puff balls
· a velvet bag full of random bits and bobs like a miniature Winnie the Pooh and some plastic gold coins

Our Suggestions:· choice of stuffed animal [he chose Cammy]
· choice of 5 mini books [we also had a couple of books as surprises for the plane trip, known as 'trip prizes']
· view master [we brought a couple of sets as 'trip prizes' also so this would have extra value]
· mini lego block set
· water wings
· sunglasses
· head phones

My Suggestions that he agreed to but reluctantly:· Thomas craft bag [with paper, crayons, safety scissors, white glue, and double-sided tape]
· HIs Cuba Journal
· Spare set of clothes

Note that in the early stages, the beach toys had not yet made their way in. Some serious editing had to be done before they would fit. And I ended up with the craft bag and the journal ... which in the end are more for me than him anyway.