22 October 2007

Look What Came in the Mail!

How exciting! We first saw one of these on a trip to Cuba. An English family had one and was praising its genius. We just went online and bought one. My little guy insisted on the pink one, although they have a blue one too and a green one which is very nice.

I can't wait to see him push his own luggage around the airport ... he's going to really love it. Also fun is that we can detach the shoulder strap on one end and pull him behind us when he gets too tuckered to use his own steam. And check out the adorable little passport inside; a place for all his particulars.

I'm going to try to keep this under wraps until xmas morning ... if I can wait that long!


Lisa said...

Hi Jackie, I'm thinking about getting Aurora (just 2 now) a Trunki for our holiday travel (down to L.A., then up to the Okanagan). How did it work out for you guys?

Jackie said...

Lisa, yes! I completely love trunki. We take her on every trip that involves an airport. Our Spud treats her like his little pet. We use her to hold toys and overnight items in case of a luggage loss situation and we bring her on the plane [although it we generally don't access it on the plane, a back pack is better for holding plane activities ... easier to open in confined space etc.].

Spud loves deciding what to pack in her; it's part of the excitement of travel. The best part though? Is being able to pull him through long expanses in the airport. Although, our extra-tall-five-year old will be getting a bit big for that soon, she also makes a great seat for him while in custom line ups etc.

We heart trunki a lot. Also check out their website for travel-themed downloadables for kids.

: )

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