17 October 2007

Family Dining, Not Fine Dining, in Panama



Resort La Playita, Amador Causeway, Panama City

The three of us ventured out in our rental car to have dinner at Mi Ranchitos on the Causeway. It was a fantastic time. We ate outdoors, under a thatched roof and enjoyed live music. We ate a massive amount of seafood in what was called a “Seafood Casserole”. We also had ceviche mixto for a delicious appy.

There were loads of families dining there but it still had a sort of romantic ambience. The little guy was kept busy by flirting with the little girl at the next table and clapping along with the band until it was time to leave.

In general, when looking for places to eat out on the road, we usually prefer the small, family-run places. This is where they really take care of you. And in Panama, this is especially true when you have a little one with you. On many occasions, actually more like every occasion, Spud was whisked away to be showed off to the kitchen staff or the neighbours or whomever. Sometimes he would be toted around for 10-15 minutes, with whispers of Spanish and being shown things on the walls or the oranges on the trees etc. It was really lovely to watch. And only made me nervous [for no reason it turns out] when they took him out of sight.