14 October 2007

Our Digs in Panama City


LA ESTANCIA Bed + Breakfast
This place was perfect for us travelling with the little one. The two suites downstairs have large kitchens. A/C. Cute outdoor patios where you can see the sloth, giant guinea pig type rodents, and listen to the billion birds. The hosts were extremely helpful with all of our travel needs such as renting cars etc.

Our little one LOVED the staff who ogled him at breakfast or whenever we went up to the common area. "Que paso, mi amore" they would greet him every morning when we went up for breakfast. One morning we came back to our room and they announced "we cleaned the room early because we knew the baby was coming". Sometimes the acting manager at the time would come down and ask if she could take him upstairs to the common area where she would encourage him to play the piano [he's very experimental] and show him the monkeys in the trees in the back. The people there were really lovely.

The only possible downside is that it's on Ancon Hill which isn't centrally located. A 10- or 15-minute taxi will take you to the city core or to Old Panama. The plus side is that you are in a rainforest. You can walk up the hill to the top and see the canal not to mention all the wildlife along the way.