28 October 2007

Another Stab at It

This is a from-memory-drawing of the my first crochet project; a scarf for my dad. I was 7 years old. I didn't bother with the mundane task of counting stitches to make sure it stayed a consistent width. Boring. But I did put a lot of thought into the plethora of colours of yarn I used. It had a fantastic number of wildly mismatched hues. And it barely fit around his neck.

In my late teens and early 20s I dabbled in granny squares and various afghan projects. And now after all these years, here's my second scarf project. It's for my little guy. I've taken what I learned the first time around and applied it this one. So far so good. Although, the bottom is a little wider than the
middle right now.

This Debbie Stoller has partly inspired me to get back into it. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jackie - love your new hobby! Adrian passed it on and although I don't have a "wee one" it's still great to read and see all you do - plus, as a novice crocheter who has stuck to making washclothes, I just may go have a look at that book you recommend!


Jackie said...

I'm so curious about crocheted washclothes ... do you have pics?

Let me know if you want to borrow the book to take a 'boo'. The same author has written on knitting as well.

Thanks for the comments!

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