20 October 2007

Travelling with Child

Where we've travelled with our wee one:
1. Montreal [3 months]
2. Panama [13 months old]
3. Toronto [2 years old]
4. Cuba [2 years old]
5. PEI and Nova Scotia [3 years old]

Some places we want to go next:
1. More Carribbean
2. Paris and Vienna
3. India
4. Cambodia
5. Thailand


Anonymous said...


It's me. I want to go to India too. I'll start saving now. Thailand doesn't interest me as much as Cambodia and Vietnam.

Love your blog, Jackie. It's awesome!


Jackie said...

It's nice when your mama likes your work. Thanks mom! See you in SE Asia in 2010! And lots before that of course.
: )

Anonymous said...

I thought your Penang Island event
was a pretty exotic choice for next year.
I love your Blog by the way and I read all the Ads too. Really

Jackie said...

It doesn't look like Panang is going to work out afterall. We are looking into Vienna in July and Cuba in January. Not as exotic for sure. But should be fun.

Thanks for the nice words. Hope you are clicking on those ads!
; )

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