26 October 2007

Roly Poly Glitter Toy

My little crow loved shiney things when he was wee. Come to think of it, he still does. I put sparkles and shimmery confetti in empty water bottles for him to roll around on the floor and admire when he was mostly on all fours. This turns out to be a very portable toy too.
· plastic confetti
· sparkles
· drops of food colouring [optional, if you're feeling daring]

· empty water bottle
· water
· sand, shells, pebbles, coins and other small-enough, found items

Throw it together, make sure the lid is on super tight, and you have your self a toy, which is especially good for the crawler in your life. If you are on the move, you can just tote the contents and get a new bottle in your new destination to save on weight and bulk.

In some cases, you may not want the toy to roll too much. Buying a cornered bottle will solve that problem but make sure you buy it small enough for your wee one to pick up.

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Michael | Family Hack said...

Thanks for the link to FamilyHack.com. We really appreciate it. Also, it led us to your great blog. Keep it up....we love it!

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