24 October 2007

White Beaches of Santa Clara


Los Serenas, Santa Clara, Panama

Just across the border into the Coclé province, Santa Clara is probably only an hour away. That's the beauty of travelling in a small country. We found our place, fairly easily. While the reception was a little chilly we really grew to love our little cabin with kitchenette, A/C in the bedroom, and showers indoors and out. The large windows in the front and back only had screens in them and the ocean breeze kept things cool at night. The bugs are nuts. So many different kinds. So many big weird ones. And you just don't know which ones you should be wary of and which are completely harmless. Every morning there are dozens of beetle-like creatures, belly up, all over the floor. Even after we found a broom, it was hard to keep up with them and Spud most assuredly munched at least one ... protein!

Our little place didn't have a restaurant but a gorgeous walk down the beach, maybe 10 minutes away, was a simple outdoor restaurant at the Veraneras Resort with chilled beer and grilled fish. It was nice to have the kitchenette during the day but it was a nice treat to go out for dinner too.

The beach is wonderful and surprisingly spared of people. I found this entry in my journal about a simple evening we had on the beach that I will never forget:
"After dark, at Spud's bedtime, we dressed him in his jammies and loaded him up in the carrier. We thought he would fall asleep as we walked to the neighbouring cantina for a beverage. But no way. We walked back and forth many times [for 45 minutes or so] and he stayed wide awake. He was admiring the moon greatly. He squealed at it repeatedly. It was quite large in the sky and reflected nicely off the ocean. He reached for it over and over again. And looked at me quizzically when it became shrouded with cloud. And I thought, how many ages have babies communed with the moon? There were a few Panamanians foraging for something in the surf. It was all so peaceful. And good."