26 April 2008

Birthday Party: Just Monkeying Around

Spud's 3rd birthday was all about the jungle. He was particularly smitten with Curious George then, and as always, in an attempt to not have the party revolve completely around a commercial theme ... we went jungle. This is some of the fun we had with it:

I downloaded a bunch of rainforest and jungle sounds songs that played in the background. I collected little jungle-themed stuffies [monkeys, frogs, snakes etc] from Spud's room and put them on the table for the kids to play with. Frankly we included savanna animals too ... I didn't want to split hairs.

For decorations we made vines out of recycled paper and stapled cutout leaves to them. We also made the invites from these cutout leaves.

· Jungle Juice
· Jungle Trail Mix [Animal Crackers, Marshmallow bananas, Banana Chips, pretzels].
· Tropical fruit salad
· Ham + Pineapple Pizza

We also made the drinking cups into monkeys [construction paper and googlie eyes] and cut the green napkins into a leaf shape. Oh, and Curious George Cake.


Each expedition supply pack included jungle snacks, monkey poop [chocolate covered raisins], stickers, jungle themed crafty bits and other bobs.

Jungle Party Planning Links

UPDATE: Download 3 leaf templates from wee printables


Anonymous said...

You are an amazing creative talent! A business specializing in children’s themed parties called ”Wee Party” comes to mind - ahem.

Jackie said...

ummmm ... wow ... how great that would be! sign me up! theming ... shopping ... crafting ... theming some more ... my heaven.
: )

Asianmommy said...

Wow! What a fantastic job you did creating this party! Amazing!

TexasMomof3 said...

That is just TOO cute!

Lani said...

I LOVE this! My little guy is really into Madagascar right now, and I'm like you - don't want to go with a commercial feel. Where did you find the template for your leaves?? That shape is exactly what I'm on the hunt for! :)

Jackie said...

Lani, I've just put up the templates on weelife printables. They're simple but hopefully they help you somehow. Just click on the printables button on the sidebar. I would love to hear how the party goes! Have fun and thanks for dropping by!
: )

Sherry said...

Thanks so much for the templates! My 4 year old's jungle party is this weekend. I'm not creative enough to draw my own leaves, so thank you for doing it for me!

Jackie said...

Sherry, it's my pleasure! I'd be thrilled if you could find a use for them. Happy Birthday to your wee one!


marie said...

Love the "Expedition Supplies" idea. My daughter is having a Safari party this weekend & I'm working on a "safari survival kit". If you don't mind, where did you find the boxes for your "expedition supplies"?

Jackie said...

Marie. I'm so glad you found us. We found the little cardboard boxes at Michaels. They were flat, we had to pop them together. They also had a variety of sizes. Hopefully you have a big craft store like Michaels near you.

Have fun. All the best.

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