03 April 2008

Jackson Pollock Birthday Party Invite

This Monday, our little guy is turning the big 4. And we are hosting a little paint splatter party to celebrate. This is the little invite to his wee buds.

Spud and I practiced on this poor T-shirt. It will function well as his birthday suit on paint splatter day though.

Old Tee
Cardboard or triple layer of paper [prevents soak through]
Fabric paint
Paint brushes
Old plastic containers
Water for thinning out paint [practice a little to get desired consistency]

We actually did this project in the tub. I'm sure doing it in the backyard makes clean up a bit easier.

Next time I'll stick with black and white. Okay, and maybe a little hot pink.


Ashley said...

This is exactly the idea I had for my daughter's 4th birthday. So... how did the party turn out? Any lessons learned?

Jackie said...

So much fun, Ashley. We actually had the party at a kids art studio so they expertly ran the whole project. And we ended up with an 8 foot work of art that's in our hall.

What I learned is that you might need to warm the kids up a bit. They've been told to not throw paint and such, so the facilitator gave them a mantra of sorts ... "It's no big deal". She would prompt them by asking them "what happens if paint comes flying out of nowhere and hits you on the arm?" Eventually, all the kids would shrug, and smile, and say, "No big deal".

Then they went into the painting area, with one rule "don't throw paint anywhere except at the paper". They each did a practice paper before they all went to town on the giant canvas. Some kids need to be encouraged. And some kids need to be cautioned.

The kids talked about it for months to after. It was a memorable event!

Here are some shots from the party:

And our party food ... pots of paint:

Let us know how it goes!
: )

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