19 August 2012

Multi-generational Overnight Camp


Our first overnight camp. As a family or otherwise. It was centered around art ... more specifically performance art. Anyone who knows me would say, wuh?! A performance camp? Really? But Spud's aunt is on the board of the organization behind this camp and she was VERY persuasive. And we are all grateful for that.

Imagine one week, 40ish people from babes to seniors, coming together to perform an original play, including singing and dancing ... all original music ... building a full-on set ... in just 6 days! Sounds impossible. But it's not! It was a brilliant, no pressure, purely inspiring week that we hope we can do again next year.

Our Highlights:
· The theatre! In the woods. Incredible setting. Built in the 1920s. Jaw dropping.
· Meals, "Free Time" and "Social Hour" spent with interesting and incredibly talented people
· 7 am polar bear swim
· 7 am giant bubble blowing off the bridge
· Kids improv and comedy night
· Making masks
· Salmon bake on the beach
· Trying to learn how to read music to sing in harmony!
· Watching the kid take risks, at his own pace
· The kid and Hubs being a part of the band
· Candy store runs

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