06 June 2012

Our Passport to Summer Fun 2012

Well, we've got our summer fun bucket list done. Now introducing our passport where we are going to keep track of all that fun! Woot.

Each activity is on colour-coded paper according to category and tucked in the front and back of the passport cover. See our bucket list for the categories. The ones with grey bars are activities that are best for evenings or weekends, in other words, save for when Hubs can play too.

Once an activity is done, we will glue/tape it onto one of the pages. Date it. Rate it. Make a note. Or put a stamp on it ... Spud and I whipped these up the other evening.

This is a tradition I wish we would have started a few years ago. I love the idea of having a little keepsake at the end of summer to remember all the good times! Next time I hope I'll have the time to make the book from scratch. Just too busy lately. But I found our little gem at our library's bookstore, a fundraiser shop, full of beautiful, amazing things, which I am happy to support.

Want to sign up for the summer bucket list challenge too? Visit The Happy Family Movement.

Here's our self-referential passport entry...