25 June 2012

My 365 Grateful Project: Week #7

Find Something For Which to Be Grateful. Every Day. Take a Picture of It. Repeat 365 times.

DAY 43: June 18, 2012

"Angry" wee pirates and spring concerts #365grateful

DAY 44: June 19, 2012

Hello Mint growing on our deck.
You are going to be great in my tea later. 

DAY 45: June 20, 2012

On this day, the last full day of grade 2, I'm overwhelmed with
 gratefulness for fantastic teachers! Thanks to Ms. C for a fantastic year
 full of heart and inspiration and growth. 
#365grateful. Here Spud drew
her a cake and a robot that "does everything" including make coffee
and supply chocolate on command.

DAY 46: June 21, 2012

Happy yellow on the deck #365grateful 

DAY 47: June 22, 2012

Our little risk taker ... #recital #365grateful

DAY 48: June 23, 2012

Grateful for the red juicy potential
of these little yellow flowers 

DAY 49: June 24, 2012

Little guy learning to solder at the Maker Faire ...
A cute robot pin with blinky eyes 

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