02 June 2012

Photo Friday #54


I find one of the funnest parts about family travel — and maybe most challenging— is creating a trip full of activities and sites that please everyone ... or more accurately, at least hit a balance so that each person gets their fill of things that suit them. Even with our small family of 3 we still have sometimes wildly different opinions about what's fun. Thankfully there's a lot of cross over too.

I, myself, have a romantic notion of the Tower Bridge and wanted very much to go see it up close. I wasn't too surprised when about half way through our 11 day visit, Spud declared that seeing the Tower Bridge was on his life list (which clearly needs to be updated). Architecture, inventions, bridges — all up his alley. What did surprise me a little was that in order to get the "tick" he said we had to walk across it AND take a form of transit across it as well.

So we picked a gorgeous day for a stroll one way ...

And we took the bus back ...

Happy kid. Tick. Phew.

As a bonus, we also took the tour which meant we walked along the top level. We also saw the old steam engine that used to power the opening and closing of the bridge.

It doesn't look like much to me, frankly. But these two were in their happy place. Look at them. Almost stunned with glee.

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