09 June 2012

Theo Chocolate Factory Tour


BOTH INSPIRING AND DELICIOUS: Planning a trip to Seattle and looking for something a bit off the beaten path? May we suggest a chocolate factory tour? Theo is an adorable little chocolate factory that is totally organic AND fair trade — and they exude commitment and a happy passion about what they do — it's contagious. And we all learned a lot!

And the store? You know, where you exit through after the tour? A-mazing.

Here are a few of our tips ...

Tip #1: The tour can fill up really quickly. If you are serious, book ahead online.

Tip #2: If you are planning a trip to Seattle with the kids for any reason, definitely pop over to Delicious Baby to get the what's-what. That's how we found Theo.

Tip #3: Don't try to pull a Lucy and Ethel.