12 June 2012



Summer is starting early for us. Who cares if it's raining outside and school isn't out yet! Originally inspired by this, we put the idea of making each other mazes out of LEGO on our summer bucket list.

First Spud (with support from Hubs) created his masterpiece (above); a maze through buildings and structures from around the world. Landmarks include: the Birds Nest, The Empire State Building, The Great Pyramids of Giza, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, a Mayan ruin, The Gherkin, Tour Eiffel, St. Basil's Cathedral and last but not least, our very own Lion's Gate Bridge (check out cool vintage shots here).

A few days later, I made one for Spud to try. Quite a bit less intricate. Lazy, you might say, in comparison. But it does have a giant marble and a Crazy Crocodile!

And our first entry in our Summer Fun Passport:

We took the Summer Bucket List Challenge. Our working list is here.