22 June 2012

Photo Friday #56: Sandwiches on Sandwich Street


Of course Spud thought it was pretty great that our flat in London was on a street called Sandwich. But imagine how curious he was when he saw on google maps that there was a sandwich shop on Sandwich street! Well, that made it on to our "must do" list pretty quickly.

Here we are, early, on a big touristing day, equipped with an eggy breakfast sandwich for the road.

In Spud's books, the sandwich was top notch in all its white bread glory. To us, it was a fun quirky tick on a long list of things to do London.

Thanks to Debbie of Delicious Baby for hosting Photo Friday!


Glennia said...

I first read the sign as "Cosa Nostra" which would have been a REALLY interesting name for a restaurant! Looks like fun. Enjoy!

Jackie said...

Fascinating. I had to look that one up ... instead of "Our House" it would be named after a mafia syndicate! I agree. Great name for a restaurant! I don't think I would take my kid there though ... ha!

: )

Sonja said...

Perfectly adorable! My kids would have been just as excited about this as your son.

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