05 August 2012

Playful Learning eCourse: Through the Lens

Spud has been taking a lot of photos lately!

I feel like I'm having a secret peek into the future ... the future of learning online. Spud and I signed up for an eCourse through Playful Learning ... a photo journaling class ... and it's been an amazing experience. It's surprising how connected we are feeling to the virtual classroom. The course uses online tools that allow us to share our assignments with the other students, using voice over and photos/video, and in turn we get aural comments and feedback from the facilitator and other students ... from around the world!

We are not even half way through the self-paced course material yet but each assignment had been so fun and inspiring! Playful Learning Ecademy has a slew of courses to choose from. And here's an offer for you to get 30% off any of them. Simply click on the Playful Learning button on my sidebar and enter the user code above. Before August 10th. And let me know how it goes!