20 April 2011

Hello Pear Tree

Such a beautiful sight to see, all decked out with your spring time dress of blossoms.

Feeling like bearing fruit for the first time this year perhaps? It's ok if you don't. I love you anyway.

UPDATE: Oh my, my memory has failed me again. I have been reminded that this tree DID bear fruit. For the first time last year in fact and I even posted about it! Sorry pear. Um, wanna go 2 years in a row?


Sarah V. said...

Great pictures! How did you get the older-looking/retro effect? Instagram?

Happy spring!

Jackie said...

Thanks Sara. The photos are curtesy Hipstamatic on my iPhone. Love it a lot!

Alfee said...

I come from a country with tropical weather all year round and I've never seen a pear tree. I didn't know the tree itself is so beautiful!

Jeremiah said...

These are absolutely beautiful photograph's of the pear tree. I grew up in the country and had fruit trees but never one as beautiful as this.

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