13 April 2011

New Skewer Pack: Balloons

These new balloon string skewers are turning yellow cherry tomatoes into a couple of seriously cute balloons that I'm sure are Spud's kryptonite. He's been off the little tomatoes lately but he won't be able to resist eating these at today's lunch. Sorry buddy. Sometimes a mama's got get tricky about getting vitamins into her little guy.


Anonymous said...

Love this! I'm thinking it might work on my son too!
Two questions-where do you buy them, and where did
you get the awesome lunch container?

Jackie said...

Such good questions! The skewers are from our favourite "dollar store" called Daiso. I posted it about it here ...


They have them all over the world ... here's Canada's site ...


Hopefully they have them in your neck of the woods! They carry a good array of bento supplies.

The container we found at a Korean grocery store in our neighbourhood. I understand Tupperware might have a similar container.

Hope that helps! Thanks for dropping by!
: )

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