10 October 2009

Quick Stop in Seattle

On our trek down to the Oregon Coast we stopped for some sustenance along the way in Seattle. As recommended by a work buddy ["Hi Nicole"] we stopped at Serious Pie. And oh, is it seriously good!

For the wee ones with a simple palette, Buffalo Mozzarella and San Marzano Tomato is where it's at. The crust is thin and almost melts in your mouth.

Next time I'd like to also try their Cherry Bomb Peppers with Sweet Fennel Sausage. Whatever you get, it will be the finest quality and oh so delicious.

This was our view: the kitchen of the Dahlia Bakery which is around the corner and also run by Tom Douglas, maybe Seattle's most famous foodie.

And we found these gems ... Caramel Popcorn Cupcakes.


Anonymous said...

Hard to resist a recommended slice if your a serious pie lover like me. Looks delicious.

katy said...

ooooo, clearly i'm missing something - I've never heard of Serious Pie!! I must make a visit next time I'm in town. I love learning new things about my city :)

katy said...

p.s. those cupcakes look tdf!

Jackie said...

Katy, that is so cute. I love it too when I discover something new in my home town ... that I was born and raised in!
: )

The bakery also boasts 2-bite-cream-something-or-others that look amazing. That can't be bad!

Thanks for your comments. Let us know how it goes.


Kiley said...

I love Serious Pie! BEST pizza I remember eating in my life!

However, I wanted to mention that we had pizza here at home last night that gave Serious Pie a good run for it's money. If you haven't already, you *must* try the pizza at Campagnolo! Seriously second in line for good pie!


Of the toppings we had, Spenser may find it "too spicy", but I'm sure there is a version that he would enjoy as well.

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