12 October 2009

Clams and Candy

So it seems there are really 2 things you must try when you are in Seaside: razor clams and salt water taffy. And neither will be difficult to find but here are two spots that stood out for us.

1800 S Roosevelt Drive [on the way into town]

This establishment has two parts. The first is the fish market. But not just any fish market. It's a microcannery, they smoke their own salmon on the premises, and they make their own cocktail sauce. If you have rented a place with your own kitchen, this is the place to get your razor clams.

The second part of the Bell Buoy is the family style restaurant. It cooks up delicious clams, oysters, crab cakes or just simple fish and chips. The chowder is reported to be good too.

21 N Columbia Street [just off Broadway, the main strip]

The store boasts a variety of different confections but the most impressive is the 170 salt water taffy flavours.

Don't forget to stop by the wheel. Each member of your crew will get a spin which will at least get you a sample taffy.


BodesWell said...

Just found your blog and love it. It looks like we have hit some of the same destinations recently. We loved Seaside and just left Tofino last week. Paradise. We're finally leaving the West Coast, but if you have any recommendations, please let us know! Follow along at www.bodeswell.org

Jackie said...

I will, I will. Just popped by your blog and it's great! I'm going back there right now.

Thanks for popping by. Happy travels. And let me know what kinds of things you little guy likes [and you] and I'm sure I could come up with something ... I would love to!

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