01 November 2009

Our Hallows Eve

Cat got the [pink?] canary.

Spud's first jack o lantern ... without any direction. I carved out the pieces he indicated. It's unconventional but charming somehow.

Then 2 princesses and a robot went out into the night searching for loot.

Spud's last year's M-O costume, from the WALL-E movie, made a reappearance this year. Thumbs up from the Spud.

The glowing red light on top was added to this year's model.


Lisa said...

That is a freakin' fantastic costume! I'm glad it got new life again this year. He is lucky to have you guys as parents!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Awesome costume! And even better that it got to be used two years in a row.

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