28 October 2008

More Halloween Fun

These paper dolls already have a pretty extensive, albeit casual, wardrobe. Perhaps some evening wear is in order. In the meantime, yesterday, the little girl donned her new Halloween costume selection.

Now it's the boy's turn: I've decked him out as a skeleton, a robot, and a mummy. These ones are less about colouring than the girl's costumes, as it turns out. Although, my little guy will probably want to make the mummy and skeleton more colourful when he sees them tomorrow morning.

Again, the x-acto comes in handy.

Hubs thinks it's quite funny that this skeleton only has one bone in each arm. So, it's just not going to help much in your wee ones' anatomy lesson.

Click on "wee printables" on the sidebar to download a pdf of this spookiness.