07 October 2008

Oh Dressew, How I Love You So

It's called Dressew.

It's in a cruddy part of town.

It keeps pretty tough hours; especially for us working girls.

It's far from fancy.

And it's another one of my favourite shops, ever.

Full of fabric and yarn and notions and other crafty bits; aisles devoted to just zippers or buttons. It brings a tear to my eye.

It's fun all year round but the place teems with activity for the month of October in preparation for Halloween. We bought some baby blue faux fur for a costume idea.

I also left with yarn for my new scarf project and fabric scraps / notions for an up coming paper doll project.

Thimble and Thistledown are other self proclaimed Dressew Junkies.

If you are ever in the hood, don't miss it.


Anonymous said...

Had no idea you were such a fan. It is amazing, although it's polyester heaven in spots. I'd forgotten about it, but have declared a moratorium on fabric purchases until I turn at least 25% of what I have into something else.

Rokko's Sari's and Fabrics is also amazing for fabric and trims at unbelievably cheap prices.

I love the posts on thistle's page as well.

Does this mean you will be wanting the sewing machine soon?


Janna said...

It is strange stumbling across your blog, since I am an acquaintance of Jessica (aka thistledown).
I'm in the textiles program that Jessica did.

I was google searching 'Dressew' to see if my website, Vancouver Yarn.Com, would show up, and there your were. Love the Dressew post btw.

Just thought I'd share that coincidence.

peace, Janna

Jackie said...

That is awesome. I'm glad you stumbled by. Thanks for the message. I love your blog btw. There's a whole textile world out there that I need to get acquainted with, clearly!
: )

Greenmama said...

dressew is a mecca for fabric forsure, an institution. 5550 fraser street at 41st is closing - the textile clearing house - also large established store (nov 21 2010)

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