22 December 2009

Cranberry Garland


Our tree is predominantly red, brown, white and silver and looks very dapper in strings of cranberries. Hubs, this year, had fun stringing some cranberries with Spud to add to our tree. Spud turns out to be a stringing machine and declared "I really love working with my hands".

The cranberry coloured button helped to start things off.

Hubs found this perfect needle amongst the sewing stuff we've inherited from grandmas and such. I'm sure there's a technical term for it but all I know is, it's large, thick, blunt, and therefore perfect for our little 5 year old's fingers. Perhaps it's a rug needle? Anyway, it rocks.

The fishing line worked really well too.

Looking good. Getting there.

Here it is in action.

We also have wooden ones we bought from IKEA years ago so we don't have to string all day.