14 April 2009

Victoria: History Tour

1. The Provincial Legislature
501 Belleville Street, Victoria
t 250 387 3046

A quick peak in here meant Spud spent about 15 minutes exploring the halls and staircases noting the mosaics, the stained glass windows and the many photos of days gone by.

2. Royal BC Museum
675 Belleville Street, Victoria
t 250 356 7226

This is one of BC's finest museums and a must-do.

Highlights for Spud:
Walking around the replica First Nations longhouse ...

walking around in the "olden days" ...

A little stroll through the forest scenes ...

and by the seaside ...

The woolly mammoth on the other hand, spooked him a bit, and was carefully avoided.

3. Ferris' Grill + Oyster Bar
536 Yates Street, Victoria
t 250 360 1824

After a long afternoon of historical trekking, a little West Coast style seafood restaurant may be what's in order. The upstairs is more upscale. We dined downstairs where it’s more casual and gorged ourselves on on variously prepared oysters and spicy seafood stew. Small and cozy and family friendly, this spot offers good valued kids menu as well.

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