13 April 2009

Victoria: Visiting the Animals

1. Red Fish, Blue Fish
1006 Wharf Street, Victoria
t 250 298 6877

This gem of a restaurant is just a trailer on a wharf. But don’t let its simple appearance fool you.

It’s the perfect spot for a spot of lunch. Especially if the weather’s nice; grab some great fish and chips and pull up some stools and have lunch right on the dock.

Venturing away from the traditional fish and chip fare will treat you to some interesting seafood options with a fusion flare.

2. Beacon Hill Park
On a nice day this is a great place to tucker the wee ones out. This 200 acre park includes a petting zoo and a great playground.

3. Bug Zoo
631 Courtney Street, Victoria
t 250 384 2847

A definite highlight of our trip to Victoria. All the bugs are alive and well [unlike a museum where they are cured and pinned]. The ‘tours’ are continuous and conducted by enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff who gave us all good reasons to appreciate bugs a bit more. Spud had a bit of a one-sided 'conversation' with this leafy guy ...

Kept his distance from this guy ...

And voluntarily agreed to hold this one! An African millipede, the largest in the world.

My boy never ceases to surprise me.

4. Pagliacci’s
1001 Broad Street, Victoria
t 250 386 1662

Assuming you’ve worked up an appetite from an afternoon at the park, Pagliacci’s is where you will find super fine pasta in a very kid friendly environment. This restaurant is a must do for any visit to Victoria. We had a mini birthday celebration, special child friendly food requests, and spilt milk ... and it was taken in stride with a smile. It’s a very popular spot with the locals, even mid-week, so arrive before 5 pm to avoid line ups.