16 April 2009

Freshly Upholstered

Hubs inherited these wee pieces of furniture and we've been meaning to update them for some time now. Over the years they have become hard, uncomfortable and frayed. Here we are trying out some new fabrics on for size at a local upholsterer.

Would love to tone down the flower motif ... a lot [or actually completely!].

Look at that sad colonial-style foot stool with its sagging, poofy thing on top. Ugliness.

Oh, that is so much better. A little faux leather does the trick I think. And it was a good decision to loose the poofy thing on top. I really like the clean, simple lines on top that contrast with the more curvy and interesting bottom.

Oh, and these swishy, clean, velvety stripes make me so happy. Bye-bye tiny, needle-pointy flowers.

And my favourite ... the Spud-sized gentlemans chair for his room.


Mama Goose said...

Wow. Those are gorgeous! Did you do these yourself or did you have them done? I have a chair I'm thinking about doing myself but I'm scared. I seems like it would be pretty straight forward but the vision in my head never seems to translate to reality very well... I love those pieces. Especially the Gentleman's chair. Good stuff.

Jackie said...

Oh no. I guess I forgot to not take credit for it. Definitely had them done. I wish I had that kind of skill and time ... one day perhaps ... one day. Let us know how yours works out. Would love to see its evolution. I love before-and-afters!

Lisa said...

wow, just beautiful!!

Kiley said...

Love the new look!! Of the furniture AND your blog! Someone's been busy, busy!

Jackie said...

it must be spring! time to do some cleaning!
: )

Making of a Montessori Mum said...

Wow! That is fabulous!

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