06 May 2009

Robot Fabric Tests Arrived!

And I couldn't be more smitten. The quality of the Spoonflower swatches of my robot fabric exceeded my expectations. I am surprised at how fine the lines can get [shown here the white outline is .5 pt].

And the colours worked out as I hoped [using a the Spoonflower palette downloaded from their site].

Not only do I love the product but I love the service too. The shipping took no time at all, cost 1 buck, and they even took the time to hand write a little note.

So now it's time to buy some metres! And I'm officially hooked to fabric design and can't wait to play with some more ideas.

UPDATE: now available at Spoonflower.

Robot Fabric Designs
Our Little Guy is 5!
Shiny Collage Robots


Mama Goose said...

That's fabulous!!!!! I can't wait to see what you make!

Trish said...

love the robots! they probably couldn't resist leaving a note, either.

Kiley said...

Wow!! How cool is this?!
Love your designs - brings tears to my eyes of joy, I am so amazed by you.

Jade Hardy said...

You're fabrics are amazing, I'll bet you're super pleased with how they turned out! I know somebody's already mentioned buying some in one of your previous posts, is this something you would still consider? The grey would make an amazing dress fabric methinks! Thanks!x

Jackie said...

Jade, yes, I'm definitely looking into opening an etsy account. I have a few coordinating fabrics on the go as well which I will post about soon. Thanks so much for the encouraging words. Oh, a dress would be SO cute!

In the meantime, if you'd like to get some yards of it I should be able to help you out ... drop me a line ...
: )

Marie-Claude Trahan said...

I see that this post was written 4 years ago, but I'll take my chance that you still use this Blog! I love your fabric and was wondering if it was possible to have it in red rather than blue. I'm not sure if its something you would consider? Let me know!

Jackie Boucher said...

Hi Marie-Claude. Thank you so much for your sweet words. I still sell this fabric on Spoonflower. I COULD make a custom colour ... in theory ... but I'm up to my eyeballs in work right now. I would consider doing it in the next few months, though.


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