22 May 2009

San Diego Indoor / Outdoor Day


1. Breakfast
2. The New Children's Museum
3. The Pier and Boardwalk
4. Dinner


1. Kono's Cafe
704 Garnet Avenue (between Mission Blvd and Ocean Blvd)
San Diego, CA 92109
t 858 483 1669

First, a giant breakfast at Kono's that will last us until dinner time [we packed leftovers for midday snacks]. Don't let the long line ups fool you. This fast-paced-great-value-breakfast-all-day joint is a must do if you are in the area. There are two decks in the back with great views and people watching opportunities.

2. The New Children's Museum
200 West Island Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101
t 619 233 8792

"Think Play Create" in this bright building with airy, open spaces and exhibits that run inside and outside of the building seamlessly.

Highlights for Spud included a very cool climbing wall

A room lined in mattresses and filled with tire shaped pillows

Bubble making

And painting a VW Bug

Coming in the first part of the day means you can plan your visit around the many interesting scheduled workshops here and there.

3. We decided to take public transit to the museum which took an hour each way and added quite a bit to our day's adventure with bus loops and tram transfers. It was perfect to spend the rest of our day people watching while strolling along Chrystal Pier and the boardwalk.

4. Gringos Cantina
We ended our day with some great California-Mexican take out that we enjoyed on our terrace in our room.

Another successful day in San Diego.

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