29 May 2009

Photo Friday #11

The climbing wall at the New Children's Museum.

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familyadventureguidebooks said...

Looking forward to visiting this museum this summer. We love the Children's Museum of San Jose. BTW Great Disney Post....I love how you made good use of Tom Sawyer's Island.

Tim said...

What a great idea for a climbing wall. The museum got that one right. Nice capture!

Jackie said...

Next time we're in San Jose we'll check it out. We really enjoyed our time in the SD one. The space is beautiful and the activities are clearly developed by creative and energetic people. I wish we had such a place in our home town.
: )

Jackie said...

The climbing wall is quite impressive ... the shot only shows about half of one side of the space. I wish I would've taken more shots now.
: )

The Q Family said...

Looks like a fun thing to do at the museum. Do they allow adult to climb the wall? :)

-Amy @ The Q Family

Jackie said...

I think adults probably could do the climbing wall but it's a bit short ... mostly suited to the little set.

Dominique said...

Love the colorful wall! Quite a change from the usual gray climbing walls I've seen.

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