16 May 2009

One More Sleep to California

Today is a day of planning and packing for our one week adventure. Spud has already sorted out the money from his piggy. I counted it. He agreed to put 5% of it in his charity fund that he can give at holiday time [he's already decided he wants to give toys to kids in Africa]. And soon we are going to the bank to change his cash to American dollars.

He has his eye on this snake stuffy from the San Diego Zoo shop. We've been scoping out the online catalogue. It's 9 feet long. Yoikes.

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Anonymous said...

Leave it to kids to want to share their best experiences, like having engaging toys. I have such fond memories of a little red tractor from Eaton's.
Good on the little fellow.
May his generosity of spirit be spread to California and Africa and beyond. Happy touring.

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