19 May 2009

San Diego Zoo Day


1. Breakfast
2. Zoo
3. Lunch
4. Pool
5. Dinner on the Boardwalk


1. We had breaky in our room, fruit and yogurt that we picked up the day before. This saved us time and money which helped us get an early start. The animals get pretty lazy at the middle of the day so we tried to arrive pretty early to see at least some of them a bit active.

Our room, is in Pacific Terrace which is a great find. It's very comfortable, right on the boardwalk, full of families, and has exceptional service. We found a screaming good deal online and then upgraded to a family suite upon arrival.

2. The Zoo opens at 9 and we arrived, on public transit, at 9:30. The entrance was mobbed with loads of school buses. To avoid the crowds, we hopped on the Skyfari to get to the polar bears on the other end of the park. But not before Spud's reason for coming here in the first place ... the Reptile House, where we saw a giant albino anaconda, loads of pythons, and a komodo dragon.

3. After the baby gorilla! we stopped at one of the many shaded picnic spots and laid out the spread we prepared in the morning. This saved loads of money, as food is pretty pricey here for what you get, and we also were able to avoid line ups.

Then we trundled down the hill some more. We stuck to our previous mapped out plan unless something on the way really caught someone's eye.

So in the end we were in the gift shop by 2:30 [5 hours] and it's a good thing because our little guy was pretty tired. "I'm done with this!" he declared after about 4 hours.

4. The perfect remedy for this, turned out to be some time in our hotel pool. After some races and other water play shenanigans, we showered and dressed and headed out on the boardwalk.

5. Six blocks of walking and we ended up on the patio of the family-friendly Green Flash, eating seafood and watching the sun go down. Spud declared that he had the best day ever, wanted to move to San Diego, live at the Green Flash, eating cheese burgers everyday. A successful day then.

Oh, and Hubs and I tried an oyster shooter each! Yum.

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