09 September 2010

I Heart Cookie Cutters

· Bun stuffed with cheese with heart-shaped fruit leather on top and flanked by carrots
· Fig Newtons
· Asian Pear slices
· Cukes, heart-shaped
· Chocolate chips in the centre heart


StepThruCrazy said...

Love this bento! Never thought to coordinate lunch foods with shapes. My daughter will love this idea! Thanks! :)

grandma Betty said...

I'd like to know where you found the divided dish for the meal?

Jackie said...

Grandma Betty, we found the divided dish for $4 at a Korean Grocery Store in our neighbourhood called H Mart. I don't suppose that helps very much unless you happen to have a Korean Grocery Store in your hood as well! Japanese dollar stores are also a good bet though.

Good luck!
: )

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