10 March 2009

Height Predictor

Ever wonder how tall your kids will grow up to be? Well, I thought this was cute ... child height predictor ... until it told me Spud is going to 6'6" at 17 years old!

Wow. Too bad he's not showing any b-ball skills. The boy is really quite tall for his age but I have to say, I'm a bit skeptical at the prediction.

So then I tested it on myself because I can remember my height and weight when I was 11 years old [for some reason] ... and it was bang on! It says that I would grow up to be 5'8" [I think I'm 5'8 1/2"!].

This might lead to another blog ... the term "wee" seems a little erroneous right now


Pookie B said...

I checked mine from age 9 (measurements on our wall still) and it said I'd be 5'5" at 18 (I'm 5'7" and have been since about 16) but it could have to do with the fact I put 100lbs as I have no clue how much I weighed.

Jackie said...

Yah, I wasn't sure about my weight either. I put 110 but it may have been plus or minus 5. Anyway, it's interesting that it was off by a couple. Thanks for checking in!
: )

Cyndia said...

Pretty neat... my daughter should be about 5'7"
Thanks for sharing!

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