23 February 2010

Flags of Nations

I'm back. And happily finding more time now to enjoy the Games AND to enjoy my family. On the weekend we had a couple of good friends over to watch a Hockey match [Canada v. USA] and Spud kept himself pretty busy for the first two periods, making flags.

He has a particular fascination with Chinese Taipei at the moment, for some reason, so that's what he started with.

And here a but a few of the others he managed to bust out.

Staples or Tape
Plasticine [for the base of the flag pole]
And a good visual cheat sheet, of sorts, is also important. We happened to have a little booklet with all the flags of the participating countries of these Olympic Winter Games. Kids Yahoo has a good reference site for nations flags also.

· Questions and learning about other countries arise naturally
· Fine motor skill practice ... colouring, cutting, and stapling
· And we got to watch most of the game!

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