19 December 2010

Holiday City Gift Tags


I've been busy creating more gift tags. This time, partly directed by Spud who currently has a passion for architecture ("Put buildings on them!"). OK, Spud, here you go!

Please help yourself. And feel free to share and leave a comment.

Help yourself to my Holiday Tree Gift Tags too.


Mikaela said...

Thank you! Those are fabulous.

Bego said...

I love them! Thanks!

Tallulah said...

Lovely! The snowglobes are an absolutely genious idea. Thankyou and Merry Christmas.

Jackie said...

You are all most welcome. Thanks for popping by!
: )

MAYA said...

Hey jackie!
How did you get to know Chateau Musar wine?
And thanks for those fab tags!

Jackie said...

Maya, based on your question I think YOU may have a connection to Chateau Musar wine! I'm curious. Mine is this. One night, my husband and I were at a fun local restaurant called SALT Tasting Room ...


... and we saw, for the first time, a Lebanese wine on the wine list. AND it was the same year that we were IN Lebanon travelling around. It seemed serendipitous somehow. But the price tag on the bottle blew our hair back. So we waited for the next day and bought a bottle at the liquor store. We saved it for a special occasion and enjoyed it VERY much. I posted about it here:


Unfortunately the links are no longer active. They linked to some of our travel stories on Rough Guides Community but that site has since been disabled.

Now we have another bottle, just waiting to be enjoyed for some yet to be determined reason.


Jackie said...

Oh wait! My brilliant husband found a link where the stories are being kept until they upgrade their site! Here they are in the meantime.
: )


MAYA said...

Well my connection is as simple as that: I am Lebanese, still in love with Beirut (love/hate relationship ;-)) even though i traveled a lot and lived in other countries I still find myself here...
I am also a passionate wine lover and discovering Musar on you blog was really fun!
I have a tip for you, there is a superb new lebanese wine that has just been launched: IXSIR, I hope it will be soon distributed internationally so you can taste it ;-)

Jackie said...

Salaam Aleikum.

Maya, that is an awesome tip. You live in Beirut now? What an amazing city. We've never been to any city like it. Such a beautiful mixture of seaside fun town, Mideast hospitality, incredible food, and a dash of Euro-culture thrown in. Of course there's the other side to it too. And I understand there has been even more trouble since we were there last, which breaks my heart. Peace be with you and your loved ones and everyone over there!

Putting the IXSIR on my list ... and keeping an eye for it.

Ma'a salama my friend. And clink.

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