03 December 2010

Photo Friday #32


A favourite haunt of ours: the Aquarium. And Spud's all time favourite exhibit is the jellyfish one. I think it's beautiful too. But I can remember spending hours of my childhood admiring orcas, seals, and sea otters. In fact, I remember my 6 year old self trying to negotiate the acquisition of our own personal Harbour Seal (don't worry, it didn't work out). Spud, on the other hand, likes watching the jellyfish more than the dolphins, belugas, and sea lions combined.

I suppose it's similar to our experience at the zoo. We were a little surprised, while visiting the San Diego Zoo that the only time he was truly engaged was at the reptile house. Not with the pandas. Not with the elephants. But the snakes. In fact, when we were gushing over the brand new baby gorilla, Spud warned "you have 2 minutes, and then we have to go". We got the 2 minute warning! He's just not a mammal kind of guy I guess. And one of these days, I'm going to get used to that.

Delicious Baby hosts Photo Fridays each week. Her post today is a moving reminder of how lucky we are and how we can help those who need it.