21 December 2010

Holiday Shortbread Cookies #1

We have 8 shortbread dough logs* in the fridge just waiting to be baked and decorated. Yesterday we cut some thick slabs to bake and topped them with royal icing. Spud was the festive sprinkle guy. These found their way to some special aunties. Reports so far are big thumbs up.

*While it probably would have made them even more fabulous, we didn't happen to have the scrapings of a Tahitian vanilla bean in our pantry so we made a substitution, you guessed it, to vanilla extract.


Ashley p said...

I made these delicious little buggers for my family's Christmas day get together. I spared the icing and instead decided to add green or red food coloring to some of the dough to make them look festive. I also topped them with cyrstal sugar sprinkles which added a nice touch.
The entire family loved them and the batch made enough for everyone to also take a goody bag home with them.
Perfect holiday recipe!

Jackie said...

Love the idea of red and green ... I want to see pictures!
: )

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