07 January 2011

Photo Friday #34


In Seattle for a few days recently we went to Delicious Baby for some advice on things to do. Day 1: the Conservatory in Volunteer Park. We spent the better part of an hour spotting various plants for the mini scavenger hunt. The cactus section was particularly alluring.

Thanks to Delicious Baby for hosting Photo Friday each week. Check it out!


wandering educators said...

what fun! i've not been to the conservatory in seattle yet, although we try to find them wherever we go. great to entertain kids! and i love the warm air in there...

Sonja said...

Obviously photography is one of your hobbies too - gorgeous plant pics! Just found your site - hi!!

Jackie said...

I love conservatories too! And the humid warm air. Truth be told, I would have stayed there another half hour easy but son, who is always running warm it seems, was begging to get out in the below freezing temps. Funny! The trip inspired me to revisit our own conservatory at home.

Thanks for stopping by wandering educators.

And thanks Sonja for the nice words.

We are in the midst of planning a little family trip on the horizon (YAY) so I will be popping by both of your sites shortly!
: )

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