28 May 2011

No Flour, No Bake Pie Crust

Hubs went above and beyond for dessert this evening with this wonderful alternative to traditional pie crust. Hubs found this easy and yummy recipe at Paleolithic Recipe.

2 C. pecans, pistachios and almonds mixture
1 C. dates, pitted
2 T. orange juice
1 C. almond flour (or ground almonds in food processor)

Grind the 2 cups of mixed nuts in a food processor until fine enough that they just begin to make nut butter on the sides. Next, add dates, mixing until it eventually starts to ball up as the oils start to pull out of the ground nuts. Finally, add the orange juice. The clumps of mixture will suddenly ball up in one solid, rich mass.

Put the almond flour into sifter and shake powder over wax paper. Put the ball of nut and date mixture in the centre, pressing down. Sprinkle more nut powder over top and put another sheet of wax paper on top. Use a rolling pin to flatten ball until it's the size of your pie pan. Gently press into pan and dust with remaining almond powder.

For the filling, it's a bit more difficult to document as we were using a pre-packaged filling, that we got as a gift, that required us to add whipping and cream cheese and sugar ... not sure what was in it, aside from a very yummy maple flavour. It is SO rich that we agree that some berries will make a nice addition tomorrow night. And a smaller slice. Anyone want to come over for a piece? Spud by the way, gobbled up his piece this evening with a big thumbs up. High fives to Hubs.