21 November 2011

"The Robot Dress"

Just got the sweetest note from the incredibly talented Naomi, of Teacup Dinosaur, who made this simply adorable dress for her simply adorable daughter using some of my Robot Gear Garden designs. I love the detail she's put into it. I love how not-girlie the fabric is and how girlie the dress is. I am SO gushing right now.

To learn more, pay Naomi a visit.

(Images: Teacup Dinosaur)


Naomi~ said...

Aw! Thank you! <3

I do have to give MAJOR kudos to you for designing such a fabulous print. Ever since I had the fabric in hand I felt very strongly about waiting for the right dress inspiration to hit as I wanted not only to do the print justice, but to showcase the fabric in a somewhat unexpected way. It took two years, but it was worth the wait!

blueblueyellow said...

That's adorable. Beautiful fabric and such a pretty little dress.

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