31 December 2011

Portable Easel and Sketchbox

I had this idea, of Spud owning his own portable easel that housed a sketch box, for a couple of months. I searched high and low for one locally, that wasn't too big, too plastic-y, or too expensive. I found all kinds of things online but they were in the US which meant too expensive to ship or they wouldn't ship at all.

Finally, at good old Opus, I found the Sooke Mini Table Easel for $25! I filled it with 3 Niji waterbrushes (these are genius for al fresco watercolour painting! They hold the water in the brush handle, simply squeeze), 25 Sharpies (so many colours! and they don't run when you paint over them), 2 bamboo mechanical pencils, kneaded eraserwatercolour pencils, all of which were chosen for their portability. And a sketchbook with heavy paper that can withstand a lot of water without getting wrinkled. 

I love it because he can use it at home, but we can take on adventures and document what we see. Our first adventure was on Christmas Day. It was a wee chilly. Next time we will bring gloves.

Here is Hubs practicing the new ukelele that Santa brought, at the same time! Art and music on Christmas Day. Wouldn't have it any other way.


N Costigan said...

Hi, I've been looking at the Sooke Mini Easel from Opus and wondering what your thoughts are now. Did it withstand the test of time?

Any feedback would be so much appreciated.

Jackie Boucher said...

I still really love our portable easel. My only complaint, from the beginning, is that the drawer that holds the art supplies does not slide in or out very easily. Tough for the kid. And me. If you get a chance to try out the drawer before buying that would be best. Other than that, we give it a thumbs up!

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