30 January 2012

Weekend Project: The Spice Cupboard

So this bad boy has been on my hit list for some time now. You may note from the picture below that I have a bit of a jar hoarding issue. When I acquire the "perfect" spice jar I keep it, even if it doesn't fit in the cupboard or if I have nothing to put in it. I'm not a hoarder by nature. I'm more of a toss-er-out-er actually, which gets me in a different kind of trouble. But this area for some reason is a weakness.

So what was the final impetus to get my sorry self in there to finally organize it? A trip to our local Indian neighbourhood (Vancouver's Punjabi Market), famous for its spices, among other things. Not only is the selection amazing, but the price! A fraction of what we pay in my overpriced grocery store across the street.

So we came back home yesterday with a bag of new, fresh spices that were just begging for clean, fresh jars with clear labeling. So that's what I did.

For the labels, I kept it as simple as possible; black masking tape with a white liquid chalk pen. Good-bye old spices and excessive number of jars ... I have no room for you. Ahhh. That feels good.