19 May 2012

Harry Potter Studio Tour: London


We felt very lucky to get in to see the Harry Potter studios; they were sold out before we left for our trip to Europe. But they must have released some tickets because when we checked again upon arrival we were able to book a spot. The following photos barely scratch the surface of our 4 and half hour visit and hardly capture the awe and excitement we all felt seeing it all ... but here goes. 

We took a train to a nearby station where a vinyl wrapped double decker bus with an awesome driver who seemed genuinely excited to play the part, picked us up to take us to the studios.

A highlight for Hubs: to walk around the actual Great Hall.

Wait is that Ron Weasley? Nope. Spud.

A highlight for me was witnessing the incredible detail that went into everything they did.

Graphic designers got to show off there wares too...

The butter beer went down so creamy and smooth.

No Dursleys at Privet Drive today. Trust me. We checked!

I ADORE the Knightbus, with its beds, chandelier and above all, its 3 levels!

Diagon Alley was a highlight for all of us.

And Spud has been designing castles on paper ever since he saw this model. Add a little movie magic and this IS Hogwarts.

Mmmm. Chocolate Frogs.


dottycookie said...

I'm amazed you got to see it with so few crowds - the consensus among friends who have already been was that it was wonderful, but crowded! We are hanging on a little longer but very excited to see it all.

Jackie said...

Oh, I guess we were very lucky! The crowds weren't bad at all. Our time slot was rather early in the morning so maybe that's why? Not as much time for accumulation of people? Or maybe it was because we were there midweek? I can see that if it were really crowded it could change the whole experience.

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